The President of the Council listens to "Sharek Network youth representatives.

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Within the framework of communication activities with civil society protagonists, the President of the Council, Professor Réda Tir, received at the Council headquarters on Thursday 16 July 2020, a delegation of representatives of associations affiliated to "Sharek Network". The meeting was an opportunity to listen to the concerns of young people and actors who transmitted to the President of the Council a message entitled "Youth: the engine of a new Algeria", in the form of a document containing "a plea for the effective participation of young people in public and political life in Algeria". Furthermore, the President of the Council informed the young people present about the new dynamic adopted by the National Economic, Social and Environmental Council, which has made the issue of youth in general a constant element in the various actions and activities carried out by the Council, and which takes this category into consideration with greater interest in the process of renewing the members of the National Economic, Social and Environmental Council. In the end, the President provided the participants with a set of guidelines related to the challenges facing Algerian youth in building their homeland and establishing development and progress.