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Presentation of the documentation center

l serves as a reference, research and information collection centre for users: staff, researchers and external visitors. Since its creation, it has been meeting the research needs related to the NESEC missions. Its collection, which is constantly growing, includes books, magazines and electronic resources. Its field of interest includes:
- Economics and investment;
- Governance and economic freedom;
- Energy policy and sustainable development;
- Local development;
- Social policy, human development and poverty;
- Knowledge-based economy;
- Youth;
- Food security.

• Access & missions

- Opening hours
The Documentation Room is open from Sunday to Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.
- Access to the Documentation Room
External users (researchers and students) can access the documentation center by presenting an identity document at the guard post. The number of places is limited to ten.
- Reception and attendance
Every day, throughout the year, the documentation sub-directorate welcomes the NESEC employees, students and researchers and guides them in their documentary research

About Council Image
About Council Image

• Fonds documentaire

- A computerized documentary resource base
To ensure good documentary monitoring, the documentation sub-directorate enriches its documentary base each year with the latest publications in the economic and social field
- NESEC publications
The documentation center has all the NESEC publications (Studies, Reports, Recommendations, suggestions, opinions, etc.)

• Computerization

- Computer equipment
The documentation centre is equipped with:
- Two computers for users.
- Internet access (wifi).
- Digitization and decentralization of access to databases:
The NESEC documentation centre has three search engines available and accessible remotely (OPAC) for all users

About Council Image
About Council Image

• Information and documentary research center

The NESEC Documentation Center offers the following services:
- References and loan.
- NESEC reports and studies.
- Access to more than 7922 references (3814 works in French language, 1950 in Arabic language and 3978 articles).
- Theses in French and Arabic.
- Access to more than 575 e-books.
- Economic and social reviews.
- Legislative and regulatory texts (“Aliane info” database with search engine).
- Publications of ministries and agencies.
- Documentary files linked to economic and social aspects in digital format.
- Weekly press reviews in digital format.
- Documentary research at the request of users.
- User training.